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Expanded Secure Shell and Telnet Mobile Computing

October 6, 2009 08:00 AM

Pragma Systems and Janam Technologies Expand Mobile Offerings

Andrew Tull
V.P. of Marketing
Pragma Systems

Pragma Systems Inc., a leading provider of enterprise-class remote access and security software for Microsoft Windows CE & Windows Mobile, joins Janam Technologies LLC, a provider of rugged mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly, to expand mobile offerings for users of Microsoft Windows handheld devices. The partnership allows both Janam and Pragma Systems to provide their mobile computing customers with enhanced solutions to increase security and productivity in remote computing environments using secure shell (SSH) and telnet.

“Customers use Janam handhelds for mission-critical data collection tasks throughout the enterprise, so a robust, secure computing environment is essential,” said Dwight Ogletree, VP of Sales for Janam.  “We are pleased to offer customers the convenience and reliability that Pragma’s suite of products delivers.  It should be a great benefit for our XM Series customers.”

“Pragma Systems is very pleased to join forces with Janam Technologies and have our award-winning secure shell and telnet technology run on its XM Series handhelds,” said Andrew Tull, Pragma Systems’ vice president of sales and marketing. “We are excited to extend our technology to Janam’s rugged, lightweight Windows-based devices in order to answer customer-specific remote and secure connectivity needs across their mobile environments.”

Pragma Systems expands Janam’s product capabilities with Pragma Systems’ PocketVT secure shell (ssh) and telnet client. Pragma’s PocketVT addresses its customers’ needs relative to remote and secure connectivity across their Windows CE environments. Customers of both Janam and Pragma Systems now have a reliable way to utilize secure system administration, application delivery and secure encrypted file transfer throughout computing environments with Janam’s XM Series rugged mobile computers and Pragma’s product suite, which spans Windows-based servers and desktops and Windows Mobile and Windows CE based platforms.

Pragma Systems Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise class remote access and security software for Microsoft Windows & Windows Mobile platforms. Pragma is an industry leader in Secure Shell and Telnet technology and offers the most popular SSH and TelnetServer for Windows. The company’s end-to-end solutions of servers and clients on the desktop and mobile devices provide highly secure access to corporate supply chain, CRM, distribution and warehouse applications over wireless, Bluetooth, LAN, WAN and mobile networks.

Janam Technologies LLC is a provider of rugged, handheld computing devices for mobile workers. Janam combines deep industry knowledge with advanced technologies to deliver products and accessories that increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Specializing in purpose-built mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly, Janam offers products that are designed to run mission-critical applications in retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and logistics.

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